Movember 2019 Shave and a Hair….

Hey everybody it’s Movember. The last time I tried to grow hair under my sniffer was many years ago. I met the challenge with compete failure. I’m not a hair grower but this time I’m throwing in a colourful challenge. My Movember Canada goal is to reach $2000 by November 15th and if I do, not only will I have to wear a “cheesy”, spotty, half grown moustache, I’ll also go purple on top. Thanks to the help of Chelsey Dyer and Kate Bushey who helped put this video together. There will be more as I hope to produce vlogs regularly. So please give a “thumbs up”, share the wackiness, and subscribe to my channel. But more importantly, please donate to this cause. Thank you for your support.

Movember isn’t just about $$$ but more about awareness. That being said, I have friends taking part in this initiative and it seems we’re all asking for donations. In order to spread the $$$ around, I’m asking that you give up a drink or smoke for a day and donate $5 to anyone you know who is growing a moustache. As for me, all I’m asking is that you check out my video and share it to bring about awareness about what I’ll do extra to keep the message growing.